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Since the 2006 Heart Failure Guidelines were released, CCS has published 7 annual updates resulting in over 300 recommendations. This Heart Failure Recommendations Compendium is designed to help practitioners search, filter and quickly identify the recommendations that are currently in force*.

How to use this compendium:

  1. Browse using the Menu:  All recommendations plus the associated values and preferences, and practical tips have been organized into a hierarchical menu of topics and categories.  Use the menu to browse the guidelines using these pre-defined topics and categories.
  2. Search a specific phrase: Use the “search all recommendations…” feature to find recommendations.  Note that only recommendations appear in the results.  
  3. Read the full text:  Along with the recommendation text, the tool displays the CJC publication year and page and provides a link to the published document.

*Note:  some recommendations have been archived because they have been updated or are no longer considered relevant.  To view a list of archived recommendations, click here.