Robert Burns Lecture

This lecture is dedicated to the memory of Robert J. Burns, a close friend and mentor to many of the leaders in Nuclear Cardiology in who died in 1999. Robert was an outstanding clinician as well as an authority in nuclear cardiology, recognized both nationally and internationally for his investigation of new imaging agents and innovative protocols.

He created an outstanding clinical nuclear cardiology laboratory that now bears his name at the University Health Network of Toronto, and formed an enterprise to use nuclear cardiology procedures as endpoints in large multi-centred trials.

Robert was the initiator and the founding President of the Canadian Nuclear Cardiology Society. He was dedicated to his family and had a love for teaching the physicians of the future. This lectureship was created to recognize the integrity, thoughtfulness, honesty and clear thinking of Robert J. Burns and of those who through their work allow nuclear cardiology to flourish and be useful in patient management.

Past Robert Burns Lecturers
2018 - David Newby
2017 - Paul Ridker
Pamela S. Douglas
- Raymond J. Gibbons
2014 - Paolo Raggi
2013 - Terrence Ruddy
- Benjamin Chow
2011 - Anthony Demaria
2010 - Frank Bengel
2009 - Zahi Fayad
2008 - Jim Udelson
2007 - Jagat Narula
2006 - Rob Beanlands
2005 - Joeron Bax
2004 - Heinz Shelbert
2003 - Leslee Shaw
2002 - Dan Berman
2001 - Doug Miller
2000 - Mike Freeman