About Continuing Professional Development

Continuing professional development (CPD) and serving as a Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (Royal College) accredited CPD provider are key activities of the Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS). Together, these activities directly support the missions of the CCS and the CPD Committee. Accredited programs are an integral part of the Canadian Cardiovascular Society and underpin the commitment to sustaining the highest standards of education in specialty medicine.

CPD Committee Mission:
To position the CCS as a Canadian cardiovascular community leader in knowledge translation and cardiovascular continuing professional development.

CPD Committee's Aims and Goals:
The CCS will continue to strengthen its role as a leader in knowledge translation by aggregating and disseminating leading-edge research and providing needs-based educational opportunities. As such, the CPD Committee will:

  • Serve the medical community in an ethical and responsible manner by accrediting and disseminating unbiased and objective cardiovascular programs.
  • Ensure that all CCS educational programs meet the highest standards for CPD development and are consistent with the educational needs of our community.
  • Follow the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada for accreditation standards and align with the Canadian Medical Association’s Guidelines for Physicians in Interactions with Industry as the primary principles for the development of all CPD programs.
  • Offer CPD via new and/or innovative methods (e.g. e-learning).
  • Increase exposure of Canadian Cardiovascular Congress (CCC) and guidelines and position statements.
  • Collaborate on the dissemination of CCS guidelines by enabling opportunities for education.
  • Quantify the impact of CCS initiatives on clinical practice and continue to track health outcomes.



  J Choy "Continuing professional development is an essential method towards helping you develop new skills and acquiring knowledge in order to keep up to date with current changes and trending topics in your field of practice. The Canadian Cardiovascular Society makes great efforts to offer various workshops, modules, and other learning activities to enhance your commitment to personal learning and development. I hope you will benefit from the courses listed on the website, which consist of opportunities for both Section 1 and Section 3 credits. Please check back regularly for updates and new events.”

Dr. Jonathan Choy MD, FRCPC, FACC
Chair, Continuing Professional Development Committee