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Welcome to the Canadian Cardiovascular Society Trainee section!

Trainees represent the future of cardiovascular care in Canada and are an essential part of our membership. Our Trainee Committee is dedicated to providing trainees with valuable programs and services tailored to their needs as they progress through their training.

In the Trainee section, you will find resources for studying, guide to apply for a fellowship, upcoming trainee opportunities, and much more.

More information about your Trainee Committee Representatives is also available 2018 Trainee Committee Members.


New CJC Section Invites Submissions From Trainees; For Trainees

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The Canadian Journal of Cardiology (CJC) is excited to launch a new section designed specifically for trainees, and is inviting clinical and research trainees to submit non-academic articles related to trainee experiences.

The CJC Trainee Section will provide a platform for medical students, residents, PhD candidates and early-career clinicians/researchers to share their respective insights and experiences on a wide variety of topics, including career planning; work-life integration; unexpected challenges; and other training-related issues.

Articles will be published in the CCS' Society Pages, and offer an excellent opportunity for trainees to participate in practical knowledge translation and establish themselves amongst their peers and mentors.

If you know an outstanding trainee who has valuable expertise to impart, encourage them to submit to the CJC Trainee Section!

View the submission guidelines for more information.

New Trainee Resources now Online!

Dr. Marie-Jeanne Bertrand has generously provided a number of resources that she has developed over the years as a Cardiology trainee. These resources are summaries of common topics in Cardiology – you are invited to review these resources. If you are interested in contributing your own resources and developing this section, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Seven trainees to join the Editorial Board of Canada’s leading cardiology journal

We are pleased to share that we received 26 applications from trainees to join the Editorial Board and Reviewer List for the Canadian Journal of Cardiology. Due to the high caliber of candidates, seven trainees will be joining the Editorial Board in a mentored role and 19 trainees will be invited to join as Reviewers.

This is a unique opportunity for trainees to have a meaningful role in the peer-review process, learn about the latest cardiovascular research before it’s published and network with prominent leaders in the field. We are confident that this initiative will prove to be of great value to the next generation of clinicians and scientists, as well as to the Cardiology community at large.

Trainees Members of the Editorial Board:
1. Martin Aguilar (Mentor: Stanley Nattel)
2. Laura Banks (Mentor: Brian McCrindle)
3. Ismail Bouhout (Mentor: Louis Perrault)
4. Guillaume Marquis-Gravel (Mentor: Marc Jolicoeur)
5. Amine Mazine (Mentor: Stephen Fremes)
6. William McIntyre (Mentor: Jeff Healey)
7. Saman Rezazadeh (Mentor:  Katherine Kavanagh)

We look forward to your feedback!  Want to get involved in trainee activities?  Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.