Executive and Council

2019 –2020

Executive of the CCS Council

President – Dr. Andrew D. Krahn
Vice President – Dr. Marc Ruel
Past President – Dr. Catherine Kells
Secretary – Dr. Lisa Mielniczuk
Treasurer- Dr. Rodney Zimmermann
Member-at-large – Dr. Martin Gardner

CCS Council

Member – Dr. Chi-Ming Chow
Member – Dr. Jafna L. Cox
Member – Dr. Peggy DeJong
Member – Dr. Anil Gupta
Member – Dr. Jonathan Howlett
Member – Dr. Andrew S. Mackie
Member – Dr. Vivek Rao
Member – Dr. Lawrence Rudski
Member – Dr. Sean A. Virani
Member – Dr. Shelley Zieroth
Trainee Representative – Dr. William McIntyre
Chief Executive Officer - Dr. Carolyn Pullen 

Executive of the CCS Council

Dr. Andrew D. Krahn, President

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Dr. Marc Ruel, Vice President

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Dr. Catherine Kells, Past President

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Dr. Lisa Mielniczuk, Secretary

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Dr. Rodney Zimmermann, Treasurer

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Dr. Martin Gardner, Member-at-large

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CCS Council

Dr. Chi-Ming Chow

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Dr. Jafna L. Cox

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Dr. Peggy DeJong

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Dr. Anil Gupta

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Dr. Jonathan Howlett

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Dr. Andrew S. Mackie

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Dr. Vivek Rao

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Dr. Lawrence Rudski

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Dr. Sean A. Virani

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Dr. Shelley Zieroth

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Dr. William McIntyre

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Dr. Carolyn Pullen

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