Background Information

Additional Important Proposal Submission Information

  1. Current PGY 4-6 clinical trainees in, but not limited to, adult or pediatric cardiology, cardiac or vascular surgery in a Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons approved program are eligible to submit a proposal.

  2. Applicants must currently reside in Canada.

  3. Award funds are solely intended for Canadian research purposes.

  4. The award funds will be administered by the institution of the finalists’ affiliated universities.

  5. Research should be underway within 6 months and completed within two years of funds being awarded.

  6. The award and funds are intended for original research conducted by residents and should not supplement funding for an ongoing project.

    1. If the submission refers to a multicenter clinical trial, the applicant must specify their specific role in the research study.

    2. If the application is for a sub-study of an ongoing project or trial, the applicant must specify their role and explain how the sub-study is distinct from the main study.

  7. If the scope of the project is greater than the funds awarded, the applicant must explain what area the grant will be used in. If another member of the team is involved in the project, the applicant is to describe his/her role in the study.

  8. Award funds will range from $20,000 (if 1st prize), $15,000 (2nd prize), $10,000 (3rd prize) and $5,000 for the best presentation. The scope of the project must be flexible to accommodate this range of budget. The funds awarded may be used as a standalone or may be further leveraged by applying for funding from another source.

  9. Mentor name, affiliation, and qualifications must be provided at the time of proposal submission.

  10. Application should not include superfluous content (cover page, table of content, etc.).

  11. The final stage of the competition process is performance-based: be prepared to defend your proposal during a CCC session on October 26, 2019, as you encounter challenging questions from the reviewers. The format will draw loosely from the television shows Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den. Contestants must be prepared to answer tough questions with brief and succinct statements.

  12. The Canadian Cardiovascular Society will announce the finalists in late September 2019. The ranking (first, second, and third place) will be voted by judges during the CCC session on October 26, 2019, following presentations by finalists. The winner of the $5,000 presentation bonus will be decided by the audience during the session.

  13. As the audience will have a vote during the session to allocate the $5,000 presentation bonus to one of the three finalists, we encourage finalists to invite their colleagues to attend the session to cheer them on.

  14. The finalists must submit a photo and brief resume to be published on the award website at http://www.ccs.ca/en/award-winners

  15. Applicants must be available to travel to Montreal for the CCC to present their research projects to the judging panel during a session on October 26, 2019. Finalists will be provided a complimentary registration to attend the CCC.

  16. Research status report will be requested and should be submitted on October 1st of the ensuing year(s) that the project is running.

  17. Upon completion of the project, there is an expectation that the output of the research be submitted for presentation at cardiovascular congresses like the CCC. The submission must acknowledge the source of the research funding, the CCS-Bayer Resident Vascular Award.